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How to Declare Your Love in Rome and Not Die in the Attempt

What could be a more ideal setting for a romantic getaway than Rome? It is full of secluded spots where you can get close and reveal your feelings to your loved one – ring at the ready, if you’re one of those. But, not just anything goes and it is not always easy to find the right spot. Here, then, is a selection of possible settings where you could take that “giant step”, or else just enjoy a pleasant getaway with your partner.

Warming Up – a Romantic Stroll Through the Historical Centre

All good things are worth waiting for. We recommend you take your time and seek enjoyment in strolling with your loved one. Rome’s historical centre is full of narrow streets to wander down, and public squares with surprises, be it an interesting church or palace facade, or the sight of a magnificent fountain.

At dusk, Rome turns into an idyll for romantics. That is the time to head for the Tiber riverbank and delight in the interplay of light from the setting sun.

The Fontana di Trevi, or How to Turn Your Declaration into a Romantic Comedy

Some of you might be puzzled by the bit about a romantic comedy, but this is basically how it will play out in that unique Roman setting. Dispel all recollections of that idyllic picture of Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita. They were alone there, while you will be surrounded by hordes of tourists. And, worse still, by hawkers peddling roses and selfie sticks ready to pounce on all the couples they see filing into that priceless spot. Not to mention the fact that you won’t get around to slipping the ring onto your loved one’s finger before someone comes up and asks you to take a snap of them throwing a coin into the fountain. Hence, we advise you be real quick – make a beeline for a secluded corner and forget about getting down on your knees, unless you’re prepared to take a round of widespread applause and the ensuing avalanche of hawkers. And, you’re going to need an iron-cast sense of humour. This is the perhaps the most carefree option of them all.

Rome’s Gardens – for Nature Lovers

Rome boasts several green areas where you can get a different angle on the city, take a breather from the bustle and go for a delightful walk with your sweetheart. Our first choice is the Villa Borghese Gardens, and we recommend taking the access route through the Piazza dei Popolo,which affords splendid views of St Peter’s Square and the city. If you’re art enthusiasts, be sure to go into the Galleria Borghese and see how Bernini’s incredible sculpture of Apollo and Daphne has withstood the test of time. Who would have thought that such a sad love story could spawn such a beautiful statue!

Our second choice is the less frequented Savello Park, better known as the Giardino degli Aranci (Orange Garden) located on the Via di Santa Sabina. It is the perfect spot for soaking up views of the city. If you happen to be there in spring, you will be blessed by the incomparable scent of the surrounding orange blossom.

A Romantic Dinner – A Classic that Never Fails

The only thing about Rome that is likely to satiate is the sheer surfeit of restaurants. There are venues of all possible types, qualities and prices. But, for an occasion such as this, you have to curate your selection carefully and, if possible, splash out on something great. After a fine dinner in a special place it is virtually a given that your beloved will succumb to your charms and respond, “I love you, too”. Here are our suggestions:

- Casa Bleve. Housed in the incomparable setting of the Palazzo Medici Lante della Rovere, this is the ideal place for drinking fine wine accompanied by excellent sausage, cheese, pasta and other dishes with a refined touch.

- Osteria del Sostegno. Hidden in a backstreet near the Pantheon, this oyster bar offers delicious traditional Italian cuisine in an eminently inviting venue. Perfect for lovers of simple, fine things.

- Il Convivio Troiani. Such a special occasion warrants shelling out more than usual, like here at this excellent, two-star-Michelin restaurant. Delicious modern cuisine managed by the Troiani brothers in an elegant, congenial restaurant located in the centre of Rome. For lovers who wish to splash out.

- Spirito Divino. Located in the popular Trastevere quarter, this restaurant has a formidable wine list. While wine is their forte, so too are their dishes based on locally sourced, organic produce. If you’re a slow-food devotee, this is your restaurant.

Bring out the romantic inside you – get your Vueling and surrender to love!


Text by ISABELYLUIS Comunicación

Images by François Terrier, Juan Llanos, brunifia

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