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Finisterre means the end of the world and so was considered by different cultures in ancient times, still believed that the earth was flat. This point, where is located the well-known Cape Finisterre , is the most western one to where pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago can arrive. They burned their clothes on the cliff and throwt their ashes into the sea as a symbol of purification.

The drive journey to Costa da Morte is the most suitable way to enjoy the magnificent views of the area . Before arriving at Faro Finisterre is a turnoff to the right that leads to Mount Facho, which houses the chapel of San Guillermo , related to beliefs about fertility. On the outskirts of this city stands the Church of Santa María das Areas , Romanesque style. This parish church houses Cristo dos Barbas Douradas , by which professes great devotion. Between Finisterre and Cabo da Nave it is the wild beach Mar de Fora , and open to the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by sharp cliffs. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast.

A bit more to the south of Finisterre, we find a fishing village in the municipality of Dumbría O Ézaro , which houses a waterfall which has the distinction of being the only one in Europe that flows directly into the sea . It is recommended go and see it in winter as its volume rises as a result of heavy rains that increase its power and beauty.

Can not help but mention the seafood cuisine that is abundant in this Galician coast’s area. Finisterre is the realm of seafood and fish: barnacles, lobsters, scallops, clams, razor clams, cockles, sea bass … are some of the endless list of marine products that may be tested in these lands. Beef product is also of extreme quality, hence the famous Galician beef.

Don’t you feel like going to this land? Some of the best scenery in Galicia make this trip a visual feast!

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By Blanca Frontera

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