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Fall in Love with Beaches in Cádiz

The highly awaited magical sunsets are a very special moment for locals and tourists who celebrate it from the beach and its chiringuitos. A show full of breathtaking colour tones from blue to orange, from red to purple, due to the effect of Rayleigh dispersion, an atmospherical effect of great beauty. To enjoy better these magical sunsets, you should take Pepa Cádiz which will take you through the bay of Cadiz.

Gastronomy, sun, and more than 80 beaches of all kind, fine sand and clear waters, makes the province of Cadiz one of the most popular destinations in summer. Let's make a route to the most beautiful beaches in Cadiz.

Playa de La Caleta (Cádiz)
Located at the border of Cadiz historic center. Some of the scenes for films such as Alatriste, El Amor Brujo and 007:Die Another Day, with Halle Berry coming out from the water, were rolled at this beach. Balneario de la Palma and Castillo de San Sebastián recreated the typical atmosphere of Cuba island. Not surprisingly, Cadiz is a city twinned with La Habana.

Playa de Cortadura (Cádiz)
The longest beach in Cadiz, with its nearly 4 kiómetros long and the only one considered unspoilt, is located next to the walls of Cortadura which served as the defense of the city from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. In an area of the beach of sand dunes nudism is allowed.

Calas de Conil
Some coves of beautiful landscapes. All around, there are some marked trails between juniper fields for walking and cycling. Especially recommended Cala Del Pato. From here you can access the Cala Roche (also known as the Unknown), in which there is some permissiveness for nudism (as in the Cala Tio Juan de Medina). It lies at the foot of a cliff.

Playas de Trafalgar (Caños de Meca)
Although the core of Caños de Meca is small, it has lots of clean calm-water beaches and some coves where you can enjoy of some privacy. The beaches at Faro de Trafalgar are generally wilder and therefore less crowded. Here you can forget about everything and enjoy the quiet of their sands, despite the impression created when remembering that the famous Battle of Trafalgar happened in these waters in 1805 But there is also crowded family beaches as Playa del Pirata, which has numerous facilities and beach bars.

Zahara de los Atunes
If you would love a nice beach but you also need other incentives, come toZahara de los Atunes. You will enjoy from the better atmosphere and its delicious cuisine in its beach bars Before arriving in Tarifa there is just one of the most spectacular beaches advancing inland, practically virgin, with a dune over 30 meters. Come to the natural pools of Claudia, near the Roman ruins, created by erosion. Deep yourself into its green clay; your skin will get smoother than with any beauty treatments.

Playas de Tarifa
Located opposite the junction of Mediterranean waters and the Atlantic Ocean the beaches of Tarifa are worldwide popular for its ideal conditions for windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. The beach Rio Jara, at the mouth of the river Jara , is a favorite for windsurfing and kitesurfing, especially for beginners in the shallow waters. Like the northern beach of the Lances But if you prefer a quieter beach on the southern beach area of the Lances are not allowed to windsurf or kitesurf in July and August, as in the Playa Chica, the last beach on the Mediterranean.

Picture La Caleta by emijrp/ picture Playa de Bolonia by Anual/ picture Punta Paloma by Manuel Gonzalez Olaechea

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