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Explore Florence through the locations from the movie Hannibal

Even without the reputation of Hollywood, Florence is also a very appreciated city to film movies. The capital of Tuscany has been the location for known movies such as A Room with a View by James Ivory, Tea with Mussolini from local filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli, The Portrait of a Lady starring Nicole Kidman or Obsession, a of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, to mention a few. Already for 2015 the film version of Inferno, the best-seller story by Dan Brown is on production.

The beautiful city of Florence has delighted the greatest filmmakers with an intriguing atmosphere, medieval alleys and stunning historical buildings, is a unique referent in Europe and a much requested location for the greatest film productions.

A visit trough these movie locations doesn’t ignore all the worldwide-known cultural heritage of Florence. On the contrary, this is the hometown to many literary and arts great names and this is reflected anywhere, where you can always pass by a magic corner.

This time, we are taking a deep look to all the locations in the city from the famous movie Hannibal, a disturbing thriller based in a novel by Thomas Harris, sequel for The Silence of The Lambs, both two of the most famous movies by filmmaker Ridley Scott.

Thanks to the film, Santa María Novella pharmacy became a very popular and visited spot. Here is where the protagonist, played by Anthony Hopkins, goes to purchase perfumes and almonds soap to gift Clarice, character played by Julianne Moore. The business was founded in 1600, by Dominican friars who already worked with exotic aromas.

Hannibal is hidden on the false identity of Dr. Fell, who lives in Florence and works in the library at Palazzo Capponi (via dei Bardi, 36). However, the locations are usually relocated according to the movie production and when Pazzi goes to the library to pick up the belongings from the previous librarian, he goes upstairs at Spedale degli Innocenti, an old orphanage considered the first work by Filippo Brunelleschi. At the cloisters at this building there are terracotta works by Lucca della Robbia and paintings by Botticelli, Piero di Cosimo and Domenico Ghrilandaio.

The Piazza della Signora is another remarkable location in the movie. Here is where inspector Pazzi smokes before arriving to the reunion at Salone dei Cinquecento del Palazzo Vecchio, where there is a discussion to decide if Dr. Fell will be the new librarian at Capponi library. This square is the heart of the city, very close to the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio.

Also the Ponte Vecchio is featured in the movie. Here you will find many stores like the one where inspector Pazzi buys a silver bracelet that will help him getting Hannibal’s fingerprint. According to the legend, traders worked in the bridge because it was tax-free. It’s also believed here is where the expression ‘bankrupt’ started as, when traders couldn’t deal with the debt, soldiers broke his table so he couldn’t continue trading.

At the room in Gigli del Plazzo Vecchio is where the conference about arts takes place in the movie; here is also where the feared cannibal kills the inspector who follows him, Rinaldo Pazzi. It’s located at Piazza della Signoria and holds a museum with works by Miguel Angel, Visari or Brozino. At the main frontage, there is the famous tower, one of the symbols of Florence.

At the Santa Croce church is where the concert Dante's Inferno takes place and is where Hannibal meets with Rinaldo’s wife. This is the biggest Franciscan church in the world and, even the interior is not as remarkable as the façade, the decoration by Brunelleschi, Donatello or Giotto is remarkable. It’s known as the Temple for the Glories of Italy as it has the mortuary graves of historic characters like Miguel Angel, Galigelo, Dante or Maquiavelo.

Near Porcellino fountain, Dr. Lecter will stab gipsy Enrico Loverso when he tries to steal his bag. Porcellino is a funny sculpture made of bronze that represents a boar actually, not a pig. It’s a work by sculptor Pietro Tacca, a replica for the one at Palazzo Pitti, this is at Market Square in via Porta Rossa. The legend says that touching its mouth gives good luck and, to be even luckier, you must put a coin on its mouth.

If you get there, you’ll also see Mercato Nuevo that takes place daily around it, where you could purchase many craft products.

A place well worth discovering! Check out our flights here.

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