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Europe's Top Food Festivals

It's fine to visit monuments and museums, but we think that the best way to discover a country is through its food. Enjoy festivals like the Pizza Village in Naples. Come with us to discover some of the best food festivals in Europe, and choose your next destination based not on what you can see, but on what you can taste!

  • Pizza Village, Naples

The Pizza Village in Naples, which is holding its eighth edition in June, is an ambitious project that aims to boost tourism in the area through one of its most iconic dishes: Neapolitan pizza. Over ten days, 50 famous pizzerias in the region will gather at Pizza Village, which is growing in popularity and more and more people come every year. If you want to take home the secret to a perfect pizza, don't miss the master classes given by world-famous pizzaiolos. We're sure your mouth is watering already!

  • International Berlin Beer Festival, Berlin

Okay, we know beer isn't strictly food, but we couldn't miss the International Berlin Beer Festival, which holds a Guinness World Record for being the longest biergarten in the world. From 3 to 5 August, more than 300 breweries gather on the Karl-Marx-Allee and the surrounding area, and visitors can taste up to 2,400 different brands along this two-kilometre beer garden. Admission is free, so why not?

  • Sardine Festival, Portimão

The first week in August, the smell of chargrilled sardines invades the streets of Portimão, a small town on the Portuguese coast which is an hour from Faro, during the annual Sardine Festival. For five nights, people celebrate the iconic fish of the Algarve and cook it the traditional way: chargrilled, and then served with boiled potatoes and salad. There is also folk music and local crafts at this festival, of course. Don't miss it!

  • Octopus Festival, O Carballiño

Arguably one of the most popular events in Galicia, the Octopus Festival takes place in O Carballiño, Ourense, 100 kilometres from Santiago. Almost 50,000 kg of this succulent mollusc are consumed during this festival, which has been designated a Festival of International Tourist Interest and welcomes around 100,000 visitors every year. Pulpo a feira is one of the most international Galician dishes, and although the recipe may look simple, the best place to taste it is here, the place where it was created!

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