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Els Enfarinats and the absurd government

For Winter Fest in Ibi, better known as Santa Llúcia or ‘Nadal’ (Christmas), taking place between December and January, there is an odd tradition. On December 28th "els Enfarinats" (The floured) take the town in a funny flour battle to take the government of the city.

Everything starts with a gathering early in the morning where ‘Enfarinats’, the great protagonists of this celebration, meet in front of the church. To be part of this team you must be a married man. From the church, they start a race whose winner gets the title of ‘Alcalde dels Enfarinats’ (Enfarinats’ major), and all the powers of the city are given to this burlesque major. He is the judge, secretary and banker of this absurd government only for one day.

Now the battle starts. A group of neighbours, named ‘Opositors’ (opposition), arrive dressed with black top hats, and the flour battle starts. There’s not only flour on this battle, also thousands of rockets, eggs, vegetables and more flour, anything they need to take down the new absurd government.

After the war, the center of the town ends up covered in flour, but this is not a cruel ward and it will have a happy ending: around 2am, ‘Enfarinats’ and ‘Oposició’ sign the peace and get a great meal together in the streets of Ibi. There is food you will always find in this meal, like a large pot of beans, a typical dish from the region based on pork and white beans.

The meal is a little break until they are surrounded by the ‘Tapats’ (the hidden), who arrive fancy dressed in the most bizarre ways and their faced hidden so no one can recognize them, now is when Opositors and Enfarinats fiancés take their revenge.

Once the stomach is full, they all go to Asil de Sant Joaquim, where they will deposit the money collected over the day, from fines and sanctions, used to assist the elders residence of the town.

Go to Ibi to enjoy this funny celebration from Alicante. However, be aware that lawas in the city change that day and everyone can get a fine for whatever reason and end up showered with flour head over feet.

Pictures by diania.tv

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