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Discovering the Sweetness of Vienna

Some of Vienna’s luxury hotels set about revealing their sweetest side by creating signature cakes to tempt us. In so doing, they became part of one the city’s most firmly rooted traditions, namely that of Viennese cafés and their fine confectionery. Here, then, are some of the venues where you can enjoy these delicious, exclusive creations.

Hotel Sacher Vienna – The Sacher Torte

Who here has not yet tried the Sacher Torte? But, do you know the origin of this popular Viennese cake? Franz Sachercreated this marvel in 1832 while working as an apprentice chef in the household of Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich. This spongy chocolate cake with homemade apricot jam and chocolate topping was so successful that it became one of Vienna’s classics. Eduard, Franz Sacher’s son, opened the Hotel Sacher Vienna, where the original recipe has been jealously guarded until our times. The hotel currently sells over 360,000 “sacher-tortes” each year – a third of them are eaten on the premises; another third are delivered to sales outlets and the remaining third is sent to customers around the world.

Hotel Imperial – The Imperial Torte

Like the sacher-torte, the Imperial Torte has a long history under its belt. In 1873, a young apprentice cook created this recipe in honour of Emperor Franz Josef I to mark the inauguration of the Hotel Imperial. This cake, made up of several layers of almond paste filled with chocolate and marzipan and covered in a chocolate glaze, provides the ideal excuse for visiting this magnificent hotel and indulging in the tasty treat. And, for those who would like to relive the experience or are unable to travel to Vienna, there is always the option to order it online.

Grand Hotel Vienna - The Grand Guglhupf

The confectionery delight which lies behind the Grand Hotel Vienna is their Grand Guglhupf cake. While the recipe is a closely guarded secret, we know it contains butter, sugar, flour and eggs and that the flourish is provided by red wine and cinnamon. Should you be unable to drop in on the fabulous hotel café, located on the Kärntner Ring, you can order it online here.

Ritz-Carlton Vienna – The Ritz-Carlton Cake

In 2014, the luxury Ritz-Carlton created its own signature cake, of which the main ingredients are an exquisite blend of dark chocolate with bursts of orange. You can savour it at the Ritz-Carlton Vienna, situated on the Ringstrasse, or in any of the 85 other hotels in the chain scattered around the world.

Do & Co Hotel Vienna – The Domspitz Cake

The Do & Co Hotel Vienna, located on the Stephansplatz, created the exquisite Domspitz cake inspired no less than by one of the city’s landmarks, St Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom). This chocolate cake with poppy seeds, filled with damson jam coated in chocolate, is sold in a triangular box designed to resemble the roof tiles on the Cathedral.

Vienna Marriott Hotel – The Ringstrasse Cake

At the Vienna Marriott Hotel they also decided to pay tribute to one of the city’s most emblematic

places, the Ringstrasse. This popular avenue features a major architectural complex characterised by its historicist style which is regarded as one of Vienna’s major attractions. The Ringstrasse cake is a combination of sponge cake with raw marzipan, bits of candied orange and hazelnut nougat – a delight on the palate!

Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna – The Otto Torte

If only for its unique interior design, it is well worth heading for the city’s Seventh District to visit the Hotel Altstadt Vienna. If to this you add their delicious chocolate cake known as the Otto Torte, crafted by the famous television chef, Sarah Wiener, a successful visit is guaranteed.

Treat yourself to a delicious cake experience – secure your Vueling and travel to Vienna!


Text by ISABELYLUIS Comunicación




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