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Discover Easter traditions in Europe

Although Easter is celebrated in many countries, each place has its own way of doing it. Here are some of the most curious Easter traditions in Europe!

  • Germany

Although its origin is not very clear, the Easter bunny is definitely the most typical symbol of Easter in Germany. Tradition has it that the Easter bunny brings painted eggs and hides them for children and adults to find.

  • Finland

Palm Sunday in Finland has nothing to do with religious tradition. On Palm Day, children dress up as witches or wizards carrying willow branches decorated with colourful pieces of paper, and they exchange them for Easter eggs or sweets around the neighbourhood.

  • Spain

In Spain, Easter is a time of tradition and devotion, especially in the south. At Easter, brotherhoods carry images of Mary and the saints on their shoulders along the streets to remember the Passion and death of Christ. This tradition dates back to the 13th century.

  • Poland

Easter in Poland is full of Catholic traditions, but funnily enough one of the most interesting ones seems to have a pagan origin: Smigus-Dyngus. It's a water battle that symbolises purification after winter is over.

  • France

At Easter, all the bells in France remain silent. It is said that over those days, the bells fly to the Vatican to be blessed, and when they come back they bring chocolate eggs and leave them in people's gardens for the children to find.

These are some of our favourite Easter traditions. Why not travel and see them for yourself?

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