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Delicious Kos

The most touristic of the Greek Dodecanese Islands is the beautiful Kos, with about 48 kilometers long and eight wide, which is very close to the coast of Turkey. It is normal then that their simple and tasty cuisine is influenced by their neighboring country.

One of the most popular choices is to ask for mezze or meze (very common in the Middle East and in this part of the Mediterranean), a varied selection of dishes that are accompanied with ouzo (or similar drinks like raki, tsipouro or tsikoudia), an alcoholic beverage made in Greece. It is usually prepared with all kinds of ingredients such as eggplant, tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumbers, fish, cheese, peppers, olives or seafood.

Although the mezes are accompanied with ouzo, it doesn’t mean that you have to take them without measure. You are supposed to eat and drink slowly, enjoying the company and the lively conversation.

Try for instance the Gavros Marinatos (anchovies marinated in oil, lemon and salt), the grilled octopus or the Kalamarakia (fried squid), the saganaki (Kefalotyri cheese fried in olive oil), the tirokafteri (made from a softer cheese like feta mixed with yogurt, olive oil and lemon) or the keftedes (fried meatballs seasoned with mint and onion).

Other typical recipes of the island are the noodles in broth called "pitaridia" the "dolmades” (grape leaves stuffed with rice), the "pastitsio" (pasta with vegetables), the "katimeria"(pancakes with mizithra cheese served with honey and cinnamon), and the "lampropites' (pies filled with a cheese called prosfa). There are plenty of different restaurants on the island, from typically Greek food with traditional flavors to international restaurants, bars and nightclubs, with guaranteed fun until the wee hours of the morning.

Nick de Fisherman
Georgiou Averof 21
One of the most popular places to eat fish and only fish, mostly because you will not find meat dishes in this restaurant run by a fisherman and his family since 1942.

Georgioy Averof 26
Fresh seafood dishes, assorted meze, fish coming directly from the sea and some of their wonderful cocktails to finish.

Averof 14, Kos

Family business with views of Kos’s Harbour.

Georgiou Averof 30
Seafood and some vegetarian options in this delightful place with a terrace facing the sea.

El Gallo
Georgiou Averof 12
Great Greek and Spanish tapas facing the sea in the city of Kos.

Antimahoy 1 Kos
Although it was opened recently,this restaurant has earned a reputation as one of the best on the island. Home-made dishes cooked with local products, seafood mezes, salads and high quality fish. They have hammocks on the beach where they serve drinks.

Taverna Mike
Eth. P. Polemiston, Lambi
Let yourself be advised by Mike and Gina on the best food and wine of the place. A spacious and welcoming restaurant to taste the specialties of the island.

La Prima
Plaza Diagoras, Kos
Pasta, some vegetarian choices and the best saganaki mussels (Greek recipe for mussels with onions, tomatoes and feta cheese).

Picture mezze por Banu

A place well worth discovering!Check out our flights here.

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