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China No, it’s Bethmannpark

Bethmannpark is a small, pleasant park near the heart of central Frankfurt, much to be recommended to those needing a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The star attraction is a lovely Chinese garden planted there in 1990.

The park itself dates back to 1783 when the wealthy banker Moritz von Bethmann (1768-1826) planted his Rococo garden in the space. The garden was admired by such illustrious visitors as Napoleon Bonaparte, Johann Goethe, and Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I.  The garden passed into public hands in 1941, and the city of Frankfurt opened it as a park in 1952 after reaching agreement with the Bethmann family.

The Chinese garden was planted in 1990 to honour protestors who died in the massacre the year before at Beijing’s Tiananmen square, or “Gate of Heavenly Peace”. It was designed by Chinese craftsmen in accordance with the principles offeng shui, and most of the materials used were brought from China. The garden is walled and accessible through a gate guarded by two sculpted Chinese lions. Once inside, the visitor can admire the exotic vegetation as well as a temple, a pagoda, and the carved Jade Bridge over a small pond.

There is also giant working chess set which is a popular gathering spot

Bethmannpark is between Berger Strasse, Friedberger Landstrasse, and Mauernweg. The nearest undeground station is Merianplatz (line U4).

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Report by Isabel y Luis Comunicación
Pictures by ©Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main and Creative Commons



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