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Calle Feria Market

The stalls along the Calle Feria Market, also known as the Plaza de Abastos, have a life all of their own. When you approach the outskirts of the market you will be greeted by colourful stalls, wonderful aromas and the sounds of people talking and enjoying themselves. You may not find many tables free, so a lot of people eat and drink standing up. It gives you that wonderful feeling of having arrived somewhere you know you are really going to enjoy. The Cantina Bar in the calle Feria Market is one of the very best places to eat in all of Seville. After jostling for a table at any of the stalls surrounding the market, which are turned into improvised restaurants serving excellent fresh fish from the market, you order from the bar because it’s much quicker than waiting for anyone to take your order. Prawns, fried fish, squid and spicy chips and chilled beer. The waiter writes everything down on the bricks of the bar wall and asks your name. When your order is ready he calls out your name and you can go to the bar and collect your food.

It seemed like a good idea and I followed the ritual when I was there. When I ordered the food, I ordered the beer and before we could drink them my name was shouted. On that occasion when I returned to the table with the food, I found myself sharing the table with some pleasant locals who told me the pleasures of living in Seville. Good food and friendly conversation. If you are in Seville a visit here is essential.

Image: Anual

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