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Bordeaux for Wine Lovers: 3 Wine Shops and 3 Tips

Short wine-tasting guide for a wine tourism break in Bordeaux (France). Discover, enjoy and learn more about the wines produced in the wine-making capital of Bordeaux, France.

We all know that the French region of Bordeaux produces some of the best wines in the world, don't we? But did you know that they have 60 controlled designation of origin wines (AOC), 110,000 hectares, 7,000 vineyards and a wide range of shops, bars, activities and day trips aimed at wine lovers?

If you fancy discovering more but don't know where to start, follow the tips given to us by our friend Judith Cercós, sommelier and co-owner of Les Poulettes Batignolles restaurant and Poussin Bar à Vins. Both of these are in Paris so you might fancy stopping over on your way back!

3 wine shops in Bordeaux recommended by sommelier Judith Cercós:

  1. L’Intendant

    2 allés de Tourny

    “An establishment not to be missed and one of the most beautiful wine shops in the world, with four floors connected by a spectacular spiral staircase. 15,000 bottles on display and over 600 wines exclusively produced in the area.”
  2. Cousin et Compagnie

    2 Rue du Pas Saint-Georges

    One of the oldest wine shops in the historic part of Bordeaux and one of the first ones to talk about biodynamic or natural wines. Top quality wines to suit every pocket, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”
  3. Rubis

    9 rue des Bahutiers

    “In this small and cosy shop, situated in the city’s historic centre, you'll find a wide range of wines made exclusively by women. They also periodically organise wine-related activities. An unusual and marvellous experience”.

What about our expert's three tips for tasting wine like a pro?

  1. Don't wear perfume. “We usually use perfumed soaps when we wash ourselves. But if you want to taste wine, it will be impossible to smell the glasses properly if you're wearing body or hand cream, because it hides the smell of the wine.”
  2. Don't be taken in by labels. “If possible, taste wine blindly. Do it also when you're at home. You can cover the bottle with tin foil, or even a sock! It's really very easy.”
  3. Wherever you go, drink local wine. “If you go to Bordeaux, please don't order Burgundy wine! Be advised by any experts you meet in restaurants, bars, wine shops or any place where they serve food and drink. You're sure to go back home having learnt something new.”

And lastly, we advise you to take a look at flights to Bordeaux and plan a wine-tasting trip. You're welcome!

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