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Blue Lagoon

Many people believe that this amazing geothermal spa is a natural lagoon. Nothing further from the truth! In fact, the high temperatures of Blue Lagoon are due to the energy that supplies the nearby power station Svartsengi.

His pale blue water that seems to relieve skin and bone disorders because of silica sediments containing remains of seaweed, ranges around 40 C degrees temperature. The mud from the lagoon, however, has as the main components sulfur and silica that are suited for the treatment of psoriasis. So many healing benefits have turned the complex into a pilgrimage of health tourism. They claim that these curative effects linger with time and that the experience will be really unforgettable.

To enjoy all its possibilities is recommended to dedicate a few hours to visit the hot spring resort. Relax with a long bath in the lake and spend some time in the natural sauna placed into a volcanic cave. Blue Lagoon is open year round and has an extensive schedule to get out of there completely renovated.

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