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Between lakes and marshes

Nador, capital of the province of Rif, is a sprawling city with some Spanish flavor, as it is located only 15 kilometers south of the city of Melilla. Its main attractions are its natural beauty, scenic views and beaches.

Downtown Nador

In contrast with the traditional developments , the city of Nador has a layout of streets in a grid . Its main avenue Mohammed V Avenue , which crosses the city from east to west , from the City Hall to the Bou Areg lagoon by a pleasant palm trees and lampposts walk. . The other main spo is the Hassan II Avenue , which crosses from north to south to the bus station.

Here lies the largest tourist attractions in the city , though not particularly remarkable , it does have some attractions . We can recommend the Marhama restaurant, a large property with quick service and one of the best places to eat Moroccan specialties and international cuisine , prepared according to traditional recipes . It specializes in fish dishes such as sole , swordfish , monkfish , hake and red mullet that cooks prepare in front of customers, and recepies such as couscous , lamb kebabs and different tagines of rabbit , chicken or beef .

In the north of the city there is the souk Morakeb , one of the largest commercial complexes in which you can find a little of everything. To your right there is the Kasearia souk or gold souk, famous for selling gold, fabrics and garments.

Sebkha of Bou Areg

Nador’s rich natural environment is one of its main attractions. At the foot of the city of Nador there is the Mar Chica or Sebka of Bou Areg , a stunning lagoon in which fresh and salt water mix. Ponds, marshes and dunes are a valuable ecological environment that shelter many species of seabirds and waterfowl as pink flamingos , the hoopoes or plovers .

Kariat Arkmane

About 23 kilometers from Nador there is the village of Kariat Arkmane . Surrounded by Bou Areg’s lagoon , its waters attract various species of birds such as flamingos and terns , which can be seen walking along the beach easily .

The Gorges Zegzel

About 70 kilometers through the plain of the road Moulouya Oujda surrounding the massif of Beni- Snassen , there is the turnoff to the Gorges of Zegzel . A perfect area for excursions for its spectacular scenery .

Image: Kokopelado

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