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Known as the oldest theme park in the world, Bakken is home to more than thirty attractions that include roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and trains, as well as the circus and musical shows that can be seen every day. Bakken can be found in Dyrehaven (which means ‘Deer Park’ in Danish) – a large natural park full of old oak trees and impressive herds of both red and fallow deer.

The history of Bakken began with a chance discovery: on this spot over 425 years ago, a woman called Kirsten Piil stumbled upon a source of clean water – something very hard to find within the walls of Royal Copenhagen. This discovery led local families to start using the area for recreational and entertainment purposes. Traders and performers of all sorts soon began to arrive to keep them entertained and, little by little, the area was transformed into the great theme park it is today.

Entry to the park is free and a wristband can be purchased for 199 Kr. (€26.70) that will get you a maximum of ten rides on each of the attractions.

Picture by  K56e51g

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