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Asturias de cine

Asturias is a natural paradise, with a great variety of landscapes. Maybe that is the reason why many film directors chose this region to shoot the scenes of their movies.

But one of the towns with a bigger amount of film locations is Llanes, a beautiful fishing village with a medieval origin. The old quarter has being conserved perfectly and the location between the sea and the mountain makes that, in a little area, many different landscapes can be found.

At the historic quarter the Tower or the walls from the 13th century stand out, also the Basilica or many palaces and mansions, originally from the 16th to the 18th century. This area was used to film Spanish movies like "Porque te vi llorar" or "Los jinetes del alba".

Other remarkable sports in Llanes are the avenue Paseo de San Pedro, where José Luis Garci’s "Historia de un beso" was filmed in 2002, The Memory Cubes by Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola, the fortress, San Antón avenue, the lighthouse, the Aula del Mar or the beaches in Sablón, Puerto Chico and Toró.

There is also an interesting sample of Indianan architecture like the Casino or the Partarriú palace, the same mansion that Juan Antonio Bayona used to film The Orphanage that can be found as you get to Llanes.

By the east of Llanes, we get to the golf field of Andrín, where the movie "Mi nombre es sombra" (1966), by Gonzalo Suárez was filmed. In front of the field, there is a little way that leads to the Boriza viewpoint and by the cliffs where "El abuelo" was filmed. This offers a terrace above the sea, with a great panoramic view over Andrín and Cué beaches. The area has great beauty and other paths along the cliffs make this place the perfect spot for trekking. This is when you realize that following film locations is just an excuse or a reason to enjoy the beautiful landmarks in Asturias.

The film route along the west area of Llanes is equally beautiful. You’ll pass by the Pría jesters from the movie "La Señora" (1987) by Jordi Cadena. The jesters are breaches in the rocks and the sea waters goes through creating fountains that can reach several meters high.

The cemetery in Niembru, along to the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, make a beautiful spot where scenes from the movies "La Señora", "Epílogo" or "El abuelo" where filmed.

In total, there are about 25 locations where 42 sequences from 18 different films, 3 TV-shows and 1 short film were shot. This is divided in three different routes around the town of Llanes, east and west. Explanatory panels in every spot explain the technical remarks of the scene and will help you to orientate.

Llanes has invested a lot of effort in this initiative, along with film meetings, screenings, Q&A with the directors or live music from movie soundtracks.

We’ll be there. If you want to come too, check out our flights here.

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