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A route to discover the best cheesecakes in Spain

Cheesecake or, as it is known in Spanish, tarta de queso, is a classic dessert that we can find in traditional and modern restaurants alike. Fancy going on a route to sample tarta de queso in different parts of Spain?

Cheesecake is a simple yet versatile dessert, as there can be many ways of making it. Manchego cheese, fresh or creamy cheese, ricotta, Idiazabal, Camembert, you name it. The list is endless! You can add forest fruits jam, make a biscuit base or use other lighter options like granola or cereals, skip the base altogether, or serve it with a dollop of ice cream!

In Spain, cheesecake is a dessert that you can find at trendy restaurants with chefs who are experts in international cuisine, but also at traditional places where the same recipes have been passed on from generation to generation. And it remains a staple dessert in many Spanish households. Let’s go on a gourmet journey in search of the perfect tarta de queso. Vueling will take you to your destination to enjoy this tasty treat. Bon appétit!

La Viña (San Sebastián)

On the list of the best cheesecakes in Spain we have to include La Viña, in San Sebastián. They really know their stuff, and now you can even order them in advance. La Viña is a down-to-earth restaurant serving delicious “pintxos” and mouth-watering cheesecake. Their dessert has even been acclaimed as “Flavour of the Year” by the New York Times. It is made with cream cheese, eggs, sugar and cream, and it is a real treat for the senses. La Viña will gladly give you the recipe but, unfortunately, we’ve discovered it doesn’t taste the same at home!

Fismuler (Madrid and Barcelona)

Calling all brave foodies and those who love intense flavours and daring recipes: make a reservation at Fismuler and enjoy their delicious product-based cuisine in an outrageously hipster atmosphere, and round it all off with cheesecake to die for. You’ll become addicted to the cheesecake that chef Jaime Santianes and his team have concocted, using Manchego cheese and bursting with flavour. Not to be missed if you visit Barcelona or Madrid.

Terraza Martínez (Barcelona)

Terraza Martínez has everything you could possibly need. It’s a cross between a typical beach bar and a sophisticated “arrocería” (restaurant specialising in rice dishes), in a spectacular location in Montjuïc, in a beautiful park overlooking the city, where you can go for a walk after your meal. They serve delicious paella made with the freshest fish straight from the market, and, of course, cheesecake, a treat for the most discerning of customers. This smooth, creamy and delicious cheesecake is handcrafted with care at the restaurant and is the perfect ending to a meal made up of excellent rice and top-notch starters. Make sure you leave enough room for dessert!

Kava (Marbella, Malaga)

Fernando Alcalá’s cheesecake is not the only reason to visit Kava, in Marbella – the rest of his creative menu is also worth sampling as it’s made with local produce, following contemporary techniques. His cheesecake was acclaimed as “Best in Spain” in 2019, at a competition that was held at the International Cheese Forum in Gran Canaria. This dessert won the judging panel over thanks to its combination of creamy Philadephia and other types of cheese (which may vary), goats’ butter, organic eggs and cream with a high fat content.

Cheese Bar (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

If you fly all the way to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you’ll be able to enjoy the island’s stunning landscape and also taste the famous cheesecake at Cheese Bar, which was shortlisted for Spain’s Best Cheesecake awards. They use local cheese (sheep’s curd and Flor de Guía cheese from Cortijo de Caideros cheesery), as well as mascarpone, resulting in an impossibly smooth and creamy cheesecake. It comes with Philadelphia and date ice cream and, if you want, it can be washed down with a glass of Port wine. What more could you ask for?

Cañadío (Madrid and Santander)

Another cheesecake that cannot be missed is the one served at Cañadío, a restaurant based in Madrid and Santander. You will absolutely love this place as they serve traditional food focusing both on seafood and products from the vegetable garden. Their cheesecake has become their flagship dessert as it’s full of nuances and is thick and intensely flavourful, thanks to the subtle and unmistakable hint of blue cheese and a surprisingly soft texture. The presentation is simple: it’s served with a caramel shard.

Alameda (Fuenmayor, La Rioja)

It is definitely hard to leave room for dessert at this classic grill where you’ll find a wide range of top-quality meats. You won’t regret it, though, because at Alameda you’ll be able to savour a tasty and balanced homemade cheesecake, a good example of this restaurant’s creative and savvy cuisine. But that isn’t their only dessert: another must is their “torrija”. How could you possibly choose just one?

Tinto Fino Ultramarino (Valencia)

Wine, tapas, dishes and a very popular cheesecake. Tinto Fino Ultramarino has loads of fans in Valencia. They all flock to this restaurant to enjoy an affordable menu that is made with seasonal products, as well as delicious cheeseboards and cold cuts, and a wide selection of wines. And, of course, their intense, fluffy and silky cheesecake, inspired by the New York version, which has earned a spot on the list of best cheesecakes. Don’t miss it when you visit Valencia.

Éleonore (Salinas, Asturias)

You won’t regret sitting at a table in Élenore and enjoying their attention to detail and beautiful views of the sea. Chef (and owner) Cristina Arias loves innovative baking and is always ready to incorporate new ingredients and concepts to create sophisticated desserts. She came up with this restaurant’s wonderful cheesecake that resembles a forest, with cheese toadstools, raspberry gelée and cocoa crumble.

Have any of the photos made your mouth water? Can’t stop thinking about cheesecake now? Vueling makes your life easy! Which cheesecake do you want to start off with?

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