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Authentic flavors and recipes using products that are grown and produced in the region, such as wheat, juicy tomatoes or olive oil, make Bari and the Puglia region a paradise for foodies.

The southern Italy is known by its Mediterranean weather and flat fertile fields which means excellent conditions to grow vegetables. The agricultural products are very tasty and have an intense flavor, which makes Puglia particularly attractive for demanding vegetarians.

Olive oil is one of its greatest tricks. It is exported to Europe in a big amount after the extraction from more than 60 million olive trees. This happens with the vineyards in the same way , resulting in excellent wines as Primitivo, Salcie Nero di Troia or Salentino.

Antipasti (typical starter of the Italian cuisine) is the best way to begin a good meal. They can range from simple olives to the best-prepared dishes (mainly vegetarian) such as aubergine, courgette and peppers fried or stuffed. Generally, a few of these starters would be enough to fill any demanding stomach , so be moderate when ordering food.

Pasta in Puglia is homemade and without using eggs, only wheat semolina and water. Pasta production includes, most notably, the famous orecchiette (ear-shaped pasta), cavatelli, Fricelli or original ncannulate sagne-a twisted wide noodles. You will find them in each restaurant and you’ll have the chance of watching how it is prepared in the streets of Bari.

To wipe clean the delicious sauces from the dish , nothing better than a tasty bread that local bakers made with great skill. Altamura bread (protected certificate of origin) is made with semolina wheat and seasoned with olive oil and tomatoes or other vegetables. Homemade dough is also used for baked calzoni stuffed with onions, anchovies, capers and olives; fried panzerotti with mozzarella, simple focaccia alla baresa with tomatoes, little savoury taralli, friselle and fried slices of polenta all make up the Bari culinary reportoire.

Although Bari is near the ocean, it isn’t exactly a fishing village. The seafood dishes come from Ogliastra, Sardinia. Some of Bari's most famous fish dishes are ciambotta-sautéed seafood with vegetables, and mussels of Taranto, which are usually grown in protected waters.

Bari’s varied and excellent cheeses worth a special mention. Mild or mature pecorino, the burrata Andria cacioricotta, ricotta or cagittu, all of them are prepared in a traditional way. The burrata is the most common, it is usually served with some bread or a little olive oil which makes a simple tasty antipasto.

Desserts like pabassinas, panisceddas, amerettus or gattou are prepared with some of these cheeses and/or nuts and honey.

La Cecchina
Piazza Mercantile, 31
Great quality at the heart of Bari’s old town, in the historic Piazza Marcantile. Here you can taste the different specialities from Puglia región.

Pizzeria Enzo e Ciro
Via Matteo Renato Imbriani, 79
One of the most famous pizza place in Bari, it is usually full. Savory pizzas (thin dough) and antipasti such as prociutto de San Daniele or wild mushrooms.

Braceria Signorile
Via Giulio Petroni 12
Perfect for the meat eaters. You can choose your preferred meat from the butcher counter next door and eat in the restaurant seasoned to your taste. Good option is also being advised by the owner about the specialty of the day.

Fiore Antonio
Strada Palazzo Di Citta, 38
In the alleys of the old town you can taste ,what probably is ,the best focaccia in town.

Osterie le Arpie
Founded in 1870, le Arpie is one of the oldest Osterias in the city, which preserves the way to make and the traditional flavors. Try the mussels or braciola di cavallo.

Vini e Cucina
Strada Vallisa 23
Genuine and informal restaurant to eat specialties from the region of Puglia, such as mussels, octopus, antipasto or an acceptable restaurant menu at great rates.

Ristorante Bacco
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 126
Local produce and fresh seafood Premium!

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