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7 unforgettable experiences in Marrakech

There are endless opportunities to dive into Marrakech, a magical and vibrant Maghreb city. We can not say goodbye to the city without visiting:

1.- Majorelle Garden

Majorelle Garden is the most important art work performed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, designed during his stay in Marrakech at the villa where he was staying. 

It is a lush botanical garden rich in different species of exotic plants which Majorelle brought from his many travels around the world. It was opened in 1947 and closed in 1962. It remained closed until the designer Yves Saint-Laurent bought it and restored for later reopening in 1980, adding more plant specimens. The blue coloured walls in this wonderful palace contrast to the deep green of this paradise’s vegetation, full of cactus, palms, yuccas, lilies, coconut and banana, among many others. Exploring this unique paradise is priceless.

2.- El Palmeral

The Palmeraie (El Palmeral) more than 13,000 hectares of land that conform a particular and mystical ecosystem, full of palm.

Conservation is very important since it is the first supplying source of wood and dates in  Marrakech. This ancient park is often visited both in chaise or by camel. By about 100 dirhams (10 euros), you can take a camel ride along inside it. Rent a chaise with horses is a bit more expensive, from about 200-250 dirhams (20-25 euros), but it is also charming. The chaise ride takes about two hours and goes from theJemaa el Fna to Palmeraie Golf Palace Hotel, located at the furthest point in the area. You can also find a number of buildings and luxury hotels as well as some golf courses that only suits the wealthiest pockets. Is a fairly sightseeing tour but very pleasant and is worth trying the experience at least once.

3.- The Djemaa el Fna

The Djemaa el Fna, the most iconic and well known place in the city.

Here you will live a continuous show at any time of day. You get mesmerize by the dulled atmosphere made of smells of spices and those ones arising from the multitude of traditional food stalls.  Haggling is the marrakechi practice by excellence. It can be used without hesitation in this square and all over thesouk, which extends from the north of these narrow alleyways and labyrinthine passages into the heart of the city. Not to forget that they are used to haggle even in the stores themselves. From water or natural juices to taxis in the souk you may get all sorts of craft items and food and pay  a third part of their “real” price. The tajine, couscous, snails and lamb meat are some of the most appetizing dishes that can taste around here.

In this diverse activity center there is also room for a spiritual reality: the seers who read the hands or throw the tarot and snake charmers are the key characters in this mix of cultural movement. For those who love ostentation, there is a luxury restaurant called Al Baraka in the same square where you can mingle with high class people for eating typical delicious dishes while dancing girls dance around, it is is perfect for Ali Baba’s a thousand nights.

4.- Leather Tanning

The traditional process of tanning leather is one of the city’s oldest crafts.

The Moroccan tanners’ work is very hard, especially because of the stench given off by waste substances needed to carry out such work.

We recommend going with a guide who can detail perfectly this interesting procedure’s different stages and we should not forget to take a few mint leaves that are available at the entrance to help the nose soothe the unpleasant sensation caused by the smell . Living this experience will lead us directly to theMiddle Ages.

5.- Medina’s Teahouses

Medina’s Teahouses in Marrakech are a must on your trip to the Arab world.

Take a mint tea or spearmint, popularly known as Moorish tea in the Marrakech’s Medina is essential to make us feel as authentic Moroccan.

Some of the most glamorous and chic teahouses are the Arabic Cafe and La Terrasse des Epices. It is also highly recommended to try the exotic saffron tea.

6.- Hammams

A Hammam is a traditional bath room where you get fully relax.

Are also common in these centers the beauty treatments such as moisturizing and skin peels. There are different styles of hammam targeted for all ages and budgets. Although formerly attend this sort of Roman baths were an activity reserved for the rich, today it is a pleasant experience to suit everybody’s pockets. Some names of our favorites are Les Bains de Marrakech and La Maison Arabe.

7.- Ksar of Aït BenHaddou, Sus-Masa-Draa

The Ksar or fortified city of Aït BenHaddou is considered World Heritage Site since 1987.

It has been used as a location for many films such as Gladiator or The Mummy, because of it’s adobe-house architecture’s great beauty and the spectacular views it offers. It is a dream place that strikes for it is extremelly well maintained. Getting here is not easy, the journey is 200 km from Marrakech by vehicle through mountain ports, which takes about four hours. Once arrived there, you will forget all the effort that has involved getting into a new world merged by ocher, green palm trees and blazing blue sky.

Picture by Donarreiskoffer

By Blanca Frontera

A place well worth discovering! Check out our flights here.



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