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5 Things to Do at the Paris Fashion Week

Paris and fashion are two concepts that marry to perfection and now, well into the 21st century, they continue to move hordes of journalists, fashionists, instagramers, influencers, it girls, the famous, the new rich and outsiders, who twice a year descend on the French capital in pursuit of the latest trends. The show takes place both on the catwalks, where the labels pull out the stops to achieve the best presentations for their creations, and on the streets, which throng with people intent on setting trends, even if this involves parading about in the most outlandish combination of the moment (often in rather dubious taste, too). For some, it’s a circus; for others, an explosion of creativity but, whatever the case, the Paris Fashion Week is the perfect excuse to steal a getaway to Paris to bring out the fashionist streak in you. And, needless to say, in these times you would want to share it all on social networks as well. What with parades, presentations and parties, you can also find some spare time to enjoy the city. Here, then, are our recommendations on what to do with your precious spare time.

1. A Gastro Tourist Bus, or How to Enjoy your Break to the Full

Pressed for time to sightsee Paris? The crew of BUSTRONOME have devised the ideal solution – an elegant bus with huge windows where you can delight in the magnificent gourmet menu of chef Vincent Thiessé while you ride around the city’s main tourist sights. This is the best way to tour the city without getting tired (you’ll already be getting tired between one parade and the next).

2. Let’s Go Shopping!

No seasoned fashion lover can resist a spot of shopping in Paris. The options are endless, from haute couture boutiques, suitable only for well-lined pockets, to vintage stores. Our favourites include the small ateliers you will come across while strolling through Le Marais, and along Saint-Germain-des-Prés – a heady shot of creativity!

3. An Exhibition to Get Inspired

Paris is fashion, but it is art, too. On any visit to the French capital, you should slip out – however briefly – to see some of the countless museums, art centres and art galleries the city is teeming with. If you have the time, be sure to head for the Centre Pompidou which this year marks its fortieth anniversary. If you’re the type that’s eager for something more unique, you should set your sights on Le Grand Musée du Parfum where you can embark on a sensorial journey into the world of perfume.

4. Time to Relax – Shall we Meet at the Spa?

After a long day of fashion parades and traipsing about the city, it’s time to take a breather and recuperate, and where better to do so than in a spa? Treat yourself to a stint at the Arab baths of O’Kari, where time stands still when you soak in its waters and take a massage and skin treatment. You will come out feeling new, ready to drop in on a party.

5. A Cocktail to Round Off the Day

We can’t think of any more glamorous way to see out a fashion-packed day than cocktail in hand at some chic venue in the city. Our favourites include the bar at the Hôtel Particulier, on Montmartre, a magnificently decorated space where you can relax and enjoy their splendid cocktail list, the bar at the Hotel Terrass”, where some fine views are guaranteed, and the bar Les Bains with its exquisite decor, where sanctuary and entertainment are assured.

Book your Vueling to Paris here and treat yourself to a fascinating Paris Fashion Week, to be held from 28 February to 8 March, and bring out the fashionist streak inside you. Don’t miss it!

Text by Los Viajes de ISABELYLUIS

Images by Fabio Sola Penna, BUSTRONOME, Le Grand Musée du Parfum,Le Grand Musée du Parfum, O’Kari, Hôtel Particulier, Hotel Terrass” , Les Bains

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