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5 reasons to visit Nuremberg

The Nuremberg trials and the paintings by Dürer have made the German city of Nuremberg famous worldwide . The Palace of Justice is still there to remember where the members of Hitler’s political party were judged as well as Albert Dürer’s house, the most important painter in Germany, but there are other reasons to visit Nuremberg beyond the usual past related to the justice and their illustrious painter.

Let me tell you about five things born in Nuremberg and so will never be remembered, though its value is incalculable. Shall we begin?

1 – Christmas Cookies

In Nuremberg the first Christmas cookies known as Lebkuchen were invented in the XIIIth century. Sure you can try these traditional Christmas sweets in German markets such as the Nuremberg Christmas market. Do not worry if you are traveling when it is not Christmas as HauptMarket‘s activity lasts throughout the year. A must for curious travelers and lovers of good living market.

2 – the MP3

Here it was invented the famous audio file compression standardized as mp3 in 1995. It was in the laboratories of Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen-Nuremberg University. Visit the university may not have much interest to music lovers who have mp3 support a way of listening to as much music as ever they had imagined but it is interesting to visit the record store Artphoenix Vinyl, they boast of having one of the best record collections vinyl world.

3 – Sweets against cough

The German chemist Dr. Carl Sodan developed in 1899 in his Nuremberg’s pharmacy the first recipes for sweets for dry throat and cough suppressants based eucalyptus and menthol. In 1923 Sodan produces the now famous candies Em-Eukal sold, today, in more than 20 countries. Approaching a pharmacy is not the main attraction of a city like Nuremberg but visiting one of the most important commercial areas of the city itself is. In Breite Gasse, plus pharmacies that sell these candies, you’ll find a thousand and one ideas for a gift back home. Breite Gasse is Nuremberg’s commercial center and you may find from smaller surfaces to famous trademarks stores.

4 – The first clarinet

Johann Christoph Denner built in 1700 the first clarinet. Who was going to tell Woody Allen that this German guy was going to give him many pleasures in life thanks to this instrument?

Keep calm. We will not recommend you visit a clarinets factory or visit where Denner was born in Nuremberg. We recommend that you pay a visit to Jazzstudio, one of the first live jazz venues in Germany. Founded in 1954, the jazz club on Planierplastz street has seen playing on its stage young talents, regional stars and big international names. Concerts are usually at 20:00 and 21:00 on Friday and Saturday.


5 – The globe

Did you know that in 1492 another resident of Nuremberg, Martin Behaim constructed the first globe? As built in 1492, the American continent does not appear yet. You can see it in the Germanic National Museum, along with other curiosities such as the Brothers Grimm‘s desktop and other Cultural and Heritage jewels. And since you are in the museum you will see works by Dürer because one can not leave the German city without seeing Dürer.

1- Hauptmarket: Hauptmarkt 18, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany, +49 911 23360, L-S 9:00 a 18:00

2- ArtPhoenix: Irrerstrasse 18, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany +49 911 96048765

3- Breite Gasse

4- Jazzstudio: Paniersplatz 27, 90403 Nuremberg, Germany +49 911 364297

5 – Museo Nacional Germano: +49 91113310 M-D 10 a 18 h.

So you feel like visiting Nuremberg, do you? Book your flights here!

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