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5 curiosities to discover in Pisa

Pisa is the capital of Tuscany and, in addition to the famous Leaning Tower, features figures such as Galileo Galilei or landmarks such as the Piazza dei Cavalieri. We can also discover some hidden curiosity in the Italian city . Here are 5 tips you should discover: 1. In pisa there is not only one tower nor two, but three leaning towers. The best known one is located in Piazza del Duomo but also the belltower of the church of San Nicola and the third is the bell tower of the church of San Michele degli Scalzi (even though the church is inclined). 2.In Le Scuderie we can eat pizzas but literally one-meter long pizzas and also a good price … ideal for groups and a delicious selection of pastries.

3.The city of Pisa is named after a variety of Romanesque architecturedeveloped when the city was a powerful republic since the second half of the eleventh century to the first of the XIII

4.They say it’s lucky when touching on two intertwined lizards that are in the main door of the Duomo. You will check it out quickly because they are quite worn and more polished than the rest of the door.

5.Pisa hosts one of only 3 high schools in Italy, La Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa which was founded in 1810 by Napoleon and gives a scientific and literary training of high level.

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By Isabel Sánchez-Vallejo

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