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Yellow Prices: our best fares!

We all have one main goal when we plan our holidays and search for a flight: we want the best fare! In order to help you find the best price, we have created Yellow Prices.

What are they exactly? To find Vueling's Yellow Prices just look for the yellow heart in some of our routes. When you spot a yellow heart, you'll be in luck, because it will be the lowest price for your trip!

But you must bear in mind that you'll need to plan in advance, because that's the only way to get Yellow Prices. Why? Basically because the prices marked with a yellow heart will be available from two months before the flight. And they might not last because they are so affordable... so hurry and grab them while you can!

In order to make it easy to find these flights, Vueling has launched an exclusive Yellow Prices search engine. All you have to do is choose your origin and destination and the number of passengers, and we'll show you the lowest fares for each month. Once you select the date you'll start the purchase process and you'll be able to book your Yellow Prices.

Your goal will still be the same: to find the best fare! But now Yellow Prices will help you when you search for these flights. Look out for the yellow heart!

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