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Black Friday 2018

Does it make sense to get so excited over Black Friday? Yes, it does! Years ago businesses all over the world jumped on the bandwagon and now they drop their prices the day after Thanksgiving, like in the US. Shopping on Black Friday has become increasingly popular and now it is considered to be the most important online sales day of the year.

And yes, it may seem strange that the campaign with the best offers of the year happens on a day that's called "Black", which can sound negative. But there is a reason for it. There are many theories about where it comes from, and some of them are quite curious. As we think about what we're going to spend our time and money on at the end of November, let's get comfortable and learn more about Black Friday.

  • Black day at the stock exchange

    You've probably heard this expression more than once when the markets drop. This is what happened in the mid-19th century, when two speculators from Wall Street put the entire US economy at risk when they tried to corner the gold market. They called that day “Black Friday”, and there are still blackboards with records of that day, where you can read those two words. In the 1930s a film was made based on the life of one of these financiers, James Fisk – The Toast of New York.
  • A bad day to go to work

    Philadelphia, 1966. First Friday after Thanksgiving. Thousands of cars return to the city after spending the day with their families. Many people living on the outskirts also come to the city centre to start their Christmas shopping. There is traffic chaos on the streets and pavements. The police decide to do something about it, and it's quite interesting: they call that day Black Friday in order to encourage people to stay at home. What they didn't know then is that it would have the opposite effect: they were actually creating one of the most famous advertising campaigns in history.
  • In the black is better than in the red

    Another story, which is a lot simpler, will resonate more with those who deal with accounts and have to count every penny to get to the end of the month. It is said that some traders realised that many people did their main Christmas shopping that weekend. How could they boost their sales? They put down their prices. So, the red numbers that they might get in a transition month like November could turn into black numbers, that is, profits before the Christmas month.

Which story do you like best? All three of them are partly true and they have all probably helped to create the legend of Black Friday. Black Friday as we understand it today didn't start until the 1990s in the US, but it took a little longer to cross the pond: it started to become popular over here just under ten years ago.

We suggest you pay attention to Vueling's website over the next few days so you can make the most of our offers... Happy Black Friday!

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