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7 tips for packing your winter hand luggage

We always have the same problem when it comes to going on a short winter break – how do we fit our warm clothes in our hand luggage? To help you get ready, we have 7 tips so you can pack everything you need in your winter hand luggage.

  1. A travel checklist

    Make a checklist with everything you need: socks, jumpers, thermal tops, etc. Choose carefully what you want to add, and if it's a short trip you can plan the outfit you're going to wear each day. This way you won't pack clothes you won't actually wear.
  2. Wrap up warm when you leave the house

    Wear your coat when you leave the house. Even if the weather at home is nice or the heating is on at the airport, you can't just give up packing other things to make room for your coat in your suitcase.
  3. Make the most of the space available

    If you don't know the best way to pack your clothes, it's probably time for a tutorial where they explain how to do it. For example: remember that thinner clothes go underneath and that T-shirts, shirts and jumpers should be rolled up.
  4. Travel wash bag

    You don't need to pack all your personal hygiene products. The best thing to do when you travel like this is to take a small, convenient wash bag. Pack travel-size gel, shampoo, cologne and toothpaste, and, most importantly, make sure you don't go over the amount allowed by the airport.
  5. Remember to check the weight and size

    Check the size of your bag and what hand luggage your airline allows you to bring. Some airlines let you carry a small extra bag, but others don't. With Vueling, for example, you can carry an underseat bag and, depending on the fare you choose, you'll also be able to take a cabin bag on board.
  6. Leave room for your shopping

    Do you always bring back a souvenir? If you already know that you'll spend hours shopping, don't forget to leave some room... You can always check in a bag on the way back, though, so you have room for everything!
  7. Go over what you've packed

    You've probably packed something "just in case". Is it really that important? Remember: it doesn't matter if you wear the same outfit twice!

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