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Top 10 Pavilions at Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015 is in full swing, after more than seven years’ preparation. Going back over 160 years, this is one of the longest-standing international events. The central theme for this edition is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, covering the fields of technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity as related to food and diet. After touring the exhibition site for several days, we have drawn up a selection of the 10 best pavilions. This was no easy task, as this year there are over 145 participating countries.

10. Mexican Pavilion

The Mexican pavilion, designed by the Loguer Design firm, features an external structure in the shape of a large corn cob. The interior replicates to scale the agricultural irrigation system applied in the Mexican Basin during the reign of King Nezahualcóyotl, a veritable achievement in sustainability which involved harnessing the environment without degrading it.

9. Spanish Pavilion

Designed by the firm, B720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos. In an event of this order, which promotes healthy eating, the Mediterranean diet takes centre stage. The Spanish Pavilion combines the structure of a greenhouse with that of a traditional granary. On display in the latter is produce used in regional cuisine, as well as the processes involved in food growing and production.

8. Italian Pavilion

The Italian Pavilion, designed by Nemesi & Partners Srl, Proger SpA and BMS Progetti Srl, connects up with the various exhibition areas, the auditorium and the conference halls. The building is well worth visiting, the axes of which are fused with the structure itself. Here, too, the architecture is sustainable, based on evocative avenues and the use of new technologies.

7. China Pavilion

The undulating Chinese Pavilion was created by a consortium of Tsinghua University, the Beijing Qingshang Environmental & Architectural Design Institute, and the New York Studio Link-Arc team. Based on the theme, "Land of Hope, Food for Life", it showcases this huge nation’s progress in feeding its people through agriculture and distribution. The interior features a stunning field created by LEDs, simulating cultivation according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar.

6. Austrian Pavilion

This is actually a lush forest, located in the open air, enabling visitors to wander among the foliage and breathe fresh air. The leafy vegetation sets up a microclimate so that, although uncovered, the shade provided by the trees endows the structure with a temperature five degrees lower than the surrounding area. The forest generates enough oxygen for 1,800 visitors every hour.

5. Ecuador Pavilion

This is one of the most widely acclaimed projects among both the critics and the public at large, the work of the Spanish studio, Zorrozúa y Asociados. The theme, "Journey to the Center of Life", is implemented to perfection on the facade of the Ecuador Pavilion, as are others, such as the opportunities provided by the agricultural sector in terms of sustainable development, common welfare, the fight against hunger and feeding the world’s cultures and ethnic groups. A prominent feature are the curtains covering the whole building, the work of KriskaDECOR. This is the first time the whole surface of a pavilion has been clad with curtains.

4. German Pavilion

This pavilion is known as the “Fields of Ideas”. You can’t get more German than that, can you? Architectural devices have been used to reflect Germany’s rich, natural landscapes, including sinuous curves, a huge green canopy and enormous solar trees which produce energy using organic photovoltaic technology. We followed a route through the “sources of nutrition” – water, soil, climate and biodiversity – before arriving at the “Garden of Ideas”. The pavilion has numerous secluded spots for relaxing and taking in the landscapes and live music, DJ sessions and other shows.

3. Brazil Pavilion

Here, architecture and stage scenery are combined to provide visitors with an experience of Brazilian values. Implemented very successfully is the idea of a soft, decentralised, flexible network pervading the whole structure. According to its artificers, it stands for the country’s pluralism. Set in the middle of 130 other buildings, the Brazil Pavilion is a good place to take a breather – we took one – by way of a public square that attracts passers-by.

2. United Arab Emirates Pavilion

Designed by the iconic architectural studio, Foster + Partners, it features tall, undulating walls reflecting the UAE’s desert landscapes. This structure is built to provide a cool interior, as the 12-metre-high walls protect against the sun and set up shaded walkways for visitors. Strolling along them led us to the open-air exhibition areas, ending in a striking gold auditorium.

1. United Kingdom Pavilion

For us, the stand-out UK Pavilion is the most spectacular of them all for its originality and the way the theme has been implemented in actuality. Designed by the British artist, Wolfgang Buttress, it is strikingly reminiscent of a honeycomb. Visitors to the pavilion follow the path of a bee, winding their way through a field of flowers, to the heart of the bee hive. Sounds and visual signs are synchronised in real time to an actual bee-hive in the United Kingdom. The sounds emitted by the queen bee can be heard throughout the exhibition and the light provided by LEDs swells in response to an increase in the activity of the bees.

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Text by ISABELYLUIS Comunicación

Images by Expo Milano 2015

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Milan Makeover

By Fabiana Fierotti from METAL

New, cutting-edge beauty spots are one of the main things going on in Milan right now. It is not only about having your hair done or getting the perfect manicure, it is more about experiencing something involving all of your five senses, above all, taste. Here is a short list of places you should not miss while you are visiting the city, all with a special something that will definitely leave a mark.

Bahama Mama is a place for Nails, Taste and Beauty as the entrance sign itself says. It is the first nail bar ever opened in Milan and its philosophy is entirely linked to natural and “green” products. The best thing one can do is go there with your friends, have a manicure all together while sipping a glass of Prosecco and tasting Tuscany’s specialties. And, if you are up for it, you can also treat yourself with a little vintage shopping.

QC Terme Milano is a very special place right in the heart of Porta Romana, one of the historical sites of the city. The possibilities are many: enjoy a swim in an open-air warm whirlpool surrounded by Spanish walls built in the XVI century; an evening visit to the Wellness Tram, the world’s first bio sauna, while watching video projections; have a brunch or an aperitivi after a whole day in the spa… Whatever you do, one thing is for sure: you will forget about your everyday life and get lost in this paradise of wellness.

For the hair colour you have always dreamt of, you need to visit GUM. They may serve no aperitivi in here, but they definitely have the secret recipe for the perfect hair look. They even invented new colour techniques, Dirty and Daft, an hymn to the 90’s English aesthetic and dye, along with an organic products line to fit every client’s need, always keeping the retro style.

Speaking of secret recipes, if you have a sweet tooth for everything unique and tailor-made, you should visit Le Labo, a special corner and lab inside Milan perfumery Mecca: Profumo. As they proclaim in their manifesto: “In a world where luxury perfumes are mass-produced and sold in places that look like supermarkets (…) Le Labo has decided to take matters – and perfume – back in hand”. And they did, bringing together the very best noses and creating hand-made fragrances, no matter how much money or time it costs.

And it’s left to Bullfrog to add the masculine touch to the list. A ‘modern electric barber’ where you can shave (old school style!) and have your rockabilly hairstyle done, like you are back in the 50’s. You don’t want to miss on their secret weapon, the English barber James, or their Shaving Academy (two courses, base and advanced). Some real good men stuff.


Bahama Mama
viale Col di Lana 1.
Tue – Sat 10am/8pm (Wed and Fri opened till 11pm)
closed on Monday
+39 02 89404538

QC Terme Milano

Piazzale Medaglie d’Oro 2.
Mon – Sun 9.30am/11pm
+39 02 55199367

Via Vetere 9.
Tue-Fri-Sat 11am/8pm – Wed 11 am/9pm – Thu 12am/9pm
Closed on Monday
+39 02 36601940

Le Labo / Profumo
Via Brera 6.
Tue-Sat 10am/7pm
Closed on Monday morning
+39 02 72023334

Via Thaon di Revel 3.
Tue-Fri 10am/8pm – Sat 10am/5pm – Sun 11am/5pm
+39 02 36531983

By Fabiana Fierotti from METAL

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Milan World Design and Fashion Capital

Milan is one of the world’s leading production centres of design, creativity and fashion, which are also its major draws for visitors. Suffice to stroll along the Via Monte Napoleone and the Via della Spiga, two of the landmark shopping precincts, and you will likely be left open-mouthed at the splendid stage setting of the shop windows. No wonder, then, that Milan is the headquarters of such fashion labels as Armani, Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, and Miu Miu. Following is our selection of the year’s foremost events which all fashion and design devotees should be including in their schedule and experiencing for themselves.

Milan Design Week

From 4 to 9 April,Milan hosts the Salone del Mobile Milano, one of the major showcases for the latest trends in design, innovation, decoration and creativity each year. Aside from the trade fair itself, which will test your stamina when it comes to traipsing through pavilions and visiting stands, where you will also have to put up with long queues, all the presentations which the firms stage in parallel come under the umbrella of the so-called Fuorisalone. The latter, which is held at a host of venues scattered about the city, enables you to visit (by invitation, on certain occasions) splendid private palaces duly turned into perfect stages for the occasion. These are veritable extravaganzas, at which the stage setting is key, particularly when showcasing the latest trends in design.

The city devotes itself wholeheartedly to the cause for the duration of the fair, when Milan is inundated both by the leading labels that turn up to showcase their wares, and the hordes of visitors from all over the world, who come ready to marvel at the latest in design trends. It is worth bearing in mind that the sheer volume of people flocking to the city has the effect of markedly driving up the prices of accommodation for those few days, so it is essential to prepare your trip well beforehand to avoid unpleasant last-minute surprises.

Milan Fashion Week

This last February the city hosted the latest Milan Fashion Week, when the great names in Italian fashion revealed the cutting-edge trends for the 2017-2018 autumn-winter season. Make a point of attending the forthcoming edition, scheduled for20 to 27 September,during which the catwalks will again be thronged with the most stylish designs, destined to impact the fads we hang in our wardrobes for the 2018 summer season.

Fashion and Design Beyond the Events

You don’t need to visit Milan during these two events to discover how eminently centre-stage fashion and design are in the capital of Lombardy. As we mentioned earlier, merely wandering down the city’s main shopping precincts is truly rewarding on the eyes and a unique opportunity to go on a shopping spree where you can pick up the latest trends.

Another area you should include in your itinerary in the city while hunting for contemporary trends is Brera, a neighbourhood which is at once bohemian and chic and which oozes design wherever you go. Its design studios, and its shop fronts and interiors, will make you feel you have stepped into a fashion magazine. So, be sure to stroll along its streets and soak up the sights. And, you will find the perfect spot for restoring your energy at God Save The Food, an eatery sited in the sunny Piazza del Carmine, flanked by the brickwork-based Neo-gothic Church of Santa Maria del Carmine.

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Text by Los Viajes de ISABELYLUIS

Images by Salone del Mobile Milano, Luca Nebuloni


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Milan by Panenka

By Panenka www.panenka.org

Sporting Eleven

1 Milanello Since 1963, the day to day of rossonero team happens in this wooded environment, located just 50 km. from the city,
2 Giuseppe Meazza San Siro Named as the district by Milan supporters or Giuseppe Meaza, a former neroazzurro, by the Inter supporters.
3 Ippodromo di San Siro The annex hippodrome does have the name of San Siro. Spectacular night races.
4 La Pinetina En Appiano Gentile Angelo Moratti (Massimo’s father) and HH invented the Inter sports city.
5 Mediolanum Forum The Milan Olimpia, three times European Champion and managed by Scariolo, has its home in Assago.
6 Velodromo Vigorelli The most famous velodrome in Italy where Coppi, Anquetil or Moser broke the hour record.
7 Arena Civica Gianni Brera Of Roman inspiration, dates from 1807 and since 2002 is named after the renowned journalist.
8 Orologio Inter Milan was born in 1908, at the Orologio restaurant, typical place to hang out when leaving the Scala.
9 Giro d’Italia Every year, the magnificent shadow of Duomo greets the Giro’s maglia rosa (pink jersey) in the final stage of the race.
10 La Gazzetta dello Sport At Via Solferino 28 they are writting up sports journalism’s most famous pink pages.
11 Fiaschetteria Toscana AC Milan has its first headquarters in this extinct patisserie located at via Berchet crossing with via Foscolo.

Touristic Eleven

A Santa Maria delle Grazie Leonardo’s Last Supper is situated on two of the walls of this domenican church.
B Triennale di Milano Newest of Design and Modern Art, in the Palazzo dell’Arte in Sempione Park,
C Pizzeria Biagio One of the best places to enjoy the gentle art of Italian pizza. Always reservation needed.
D I navigli It’s not Venice, but Milan also can enjoy channels. They arrive to Lake Como.
E Bar Magenta There is nothing more Lombard than appetizer before dinner. We recommend: sbagliato Negroni.
F Discoteca Hollywood It is more likely to meet any Milan or Inter player here than on the lawn of Meazza
G La Scala The Maracana for opera. Lover or not of bel canto, one of those things you have to do once in your life.
H Il DuomoThis Gothic cathedral boasts of having the largest windows in the world is surrounded by downtown Milan
I Luini The most suitable bakery for tasting panzerotti, the Italian version of empanadillas.
J La Bruschetta Osteria From the outside it does not draw your attention and hides the best of traditional Italian food.
K Idroscalo Because there is no beach. Milanese people go for a swim to this artificial lake of the city when weather is good.

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By Panenka www.panenka.org


Ilustration by Pep Boatella / @pepboatella

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