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New routes from London to Spain with Vueling

Gatwick Airport now has direct flights to Malaga (Costa del Sol, Andalusia), Seville (Andalusia), Granada (Andalusia), Almería (Andalusia), Cádiz (Jerez, Andalusia), Menorca (Balearic Islands), Oviedo (Asturias) and A Coruña (Galicia).

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What to see and do near Palma de Mallorca

The big boy of the Balearic Islands is packed with nature, landscapes, culture and cuisine, and it’s capital, Palma, is well worth a couple of days. We’ve come up with a few suggestions for things to do in and around Palma on your next visit.

We recommend hiring a car so you can get around at your own pace.

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4 reasons to get away to Majorca in spring

Majorca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And it comes as no surprise, because it offers endless attractions. But if you prefer to stay away from the crowds, it’s better to travel out of season. Spring is a great time to go as it is mild, doesn’t rain much and there are fewer tourists about. Find out the best things to see in the largest of the Balearic Islands, and you won’t need a swimsuit!

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Menorca from Torre d’en Galmés

By Iñaki Makazaga from Piedra de Toque

The Balearic Islands have more possibilities than their own tiny little beaches. This time, Isabel Sánchez show us the way to prehistoric sites found in the island of Menorca to discover different places on the island that retrieve European capitals’s attractiveness. In today’s sonic journey we head to Torre d’en Galmés ; where the traffic in the Mediterranean Sea was controlled.

To know the Menorcan people and their origins, we need to go inside and make at least a trip to one of the prehistoric sites of the island, which are many, such as for example, the Torre d’en Galmés, which is the most important prehistoric village of the Balearic islands, where it is estimated that could live up to 900 people. The truth is to look at and walk among the ruins is fascinating, we can go through the time toward this village that it is believed that exercised a strategic supremacy over other villages on the island. In addition to the Torre d’en Galmés Menorca retains several megalithic structures. The talayot period, which comes from talayot, stone structure, with taulas and navetas that constitutes an exceptional archaeological heritage. Only when we think that our ancestors lived here gives the land a force and special charm.

Continuing our tour coastal, San Bou is the longest coastline in the island with 3km of white sand and turquoise water, clear, sparkling, althought there is a hotel in the east and it is very crowded, from which we enjoy 100% if we continue to Sant Tomas, where we will stop. In Sant Tomas there is a row of bays, each more beautiful, surrounded by a delightful green that reaches the coast, red rocks, seaweed, white beaches and blue waters..

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By Iñaki Makazaga from Piedra de Toque

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