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What can I do if my luggage gets lost?

Bags and other luggage (pushchairs, wheelchairs, special luggage, etc.) travel on ramps and go through controls inside the airports, and sometimes they might not reach their destination on time. What should we do if our bag doesn’t come out on the belt after we land?

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Stress-free packing with Marie Kondo

This Japanese decluttering guru has not only brought the "magic of tidying up" into our homes but into our suitcases as well. Her famous KonMari Method really hits the nail on the head when it comes to packing everything you need - and nothing but that - saving space and avoiding creases. Here are some of her tips for packing the perfect suitcase. Take note!

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Bring your skis or snowboard on board

Want to explore the best ski resorts in the Alps but prefer to take your own skis or snowboard? We totally understand – you'll enjoy it even more with your own gear! Luckily nowadays most airlines let you check your gear in as special luggage, and it's affordable, too!

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IATA code: 3 letters so you don't get lost

BCN, CDG, VIE, LGW.... All frequent flyers (and regular players of Trivial Pursuit) know what these three letters mean. They are IATA codes, in other words, the three letters that identify every single airport in the world.

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