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Fuerteventura is a top surfing destination, with spots like El Cotillo, El Hierro and Playa del Morro. There are also endless solitary roads that lead to unspoilt and anachronistically charming places like Playa del Cofete and Playa Jandía, and amazing desert-like landscapes like Corralejo dunes.

Despite the influx of savvy tourists who are attracted by its solitary nature and seventies look, the most alternative island in the Canaries remains an idyllic and trendy place that combines dreamlike beaches, fairy-tale villages and landscapes that could easily be the setting of an independent short film. It’s best to come to Fuerteventura with an open mind, ready to enjoy the delicious Canarian cuisine and to embark upon a journey of self-discovery. Here are a few things we can do if we are so lucky as to find ourselves in this little corner of world.

A spot of surfing

We can’t come to one of Europe’s most popular surfing destinations and not spend at least one morning riding the Atlantic waves. El Cotillo is ideal for beginners, while El Hierro is well known for its waves (it’s also the perfect place to sit and watch surfers). Punta Blanca and Playa del Morro are also ideal places for beginners, as there are many surf schools offering tailor-made packages. More recommendations on the Canary Islands tourism website.

Road trip to Playa del Cofete

The beaches are one of the island’s main attractions. And there is an amazing experience not to be missed: a road trip from Morro Jable, in the south of the island, to the stunning Playa del Cofete. Morro Jable is a small coastal town, which is absolutely photogenic and has a charm of times gone by.

If we take the picturesque road that leads to Playa del Cofete (which for us is one of the most beautiful spots on the island, and possibly in the world!), we will embark upon a journey through a remote place that will be etched on our memory forever.

Another must is Playa Jandía, which looks like a cross between a western and the end of the world. There is an amazing restaurant that is literally suspended above the sea, where you have to try “vieja” (Mediterranean parrotfish), a typical fish in the area. This fish is part of the island’s wonderful gastronomy, which has “mojo picón” sauce as its flagship.

Corralejo Dunes

These massive dunes are one of the island’s most famous sights, which definitely deserve a special mention on Instagram! They form a small desert next to the sea, with long beaches with turquoise waters, where there is something for everyone. And those of Corralejo Nature Reserve are definitely worth a visit.

A day on Lobos Island

From Corralejo, in the north, we can catch a ferry to spend a few hours on Lobos Island (you have to get a special permit at least five days in advance). This uninhabited island, 6 square kilometres and with 14 km of coastline, is perfect for all kinds of water and outdoor activities. There are many ways of enjoying this little island: snorkelling, hiking, cycling routes, beautiful coves (like Puertito de Lobos) and bathing in the sea (Playa de la Concha is the island’s most beautiful beach). If you love the great outdoors, you can visit La Caldera volcano or follow a hiking route that goes round the island (taking around 4 hours).

Visiting the villages

Although it might be tempting to spend the day bathing in crystal-clear waters or simply reflecting on the important things in life while we listen to the sound of the waves, we also recommend saving a day to visit the island’s most beautiful villages. The car ride is an adventure in itself because we’ll have to drive along solitary winding roads in semi-desert landscapes, until we arrive at each village. One of these is Betancuria. This stunning village, which was once the capital of the island, has many attractions, like the Museum of Sacred Art and the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum. Antigua, El Cotillo, Pájara and Gran Tarajal (where you shouldn’t miss La Cofradía Restaurant), or Caleta de Fuste, with a hipster/decadent atmosphere, are some of the other spots that must be visited, ending of course with a walk around the bustling capital of the island, Corralejo.

We love the atmosphere of this unknown and magnetic island, which embraces you the moment you step off the plane. Fuerteventura – never change! Book your flight now and enjoy the peace and quiet!

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