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Venice, 120 islands and 177 bridges

From Iñaki Makazaga by Piedra de Toque

We walked Venice at MyVuelingCity with Isabel Sanchez to discover different places in which to recover the attractiveness of European capitals. This time she guides us through the 120 islands of Venice city connected by 177 canals, within the gulf of the same name, on the Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea. “The city is sinking two millimeters a year: you have to hurry to meet with all its beauty”

Venice has always been the city of artists, entrepreneurs, traders and restless travelers, like the famous Marco Polo, who helped open the doors of the fabulous Eastern civilization to European people. And it was this talent concentration that produced the splendid flowering of Venice’s architecture, especially between the centuries 11th and 17th, when the most notable buildings, still in good condition, were built.

From Iñaki Makazaga by Piedra de Toque

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