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Tuttomondo. Keith Haring’s last mural

It takes 180 square meters of the south wall of the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio Abate-the convent of the Friar Servants of Mary of the Church of San Antonio in Pisa. The art of Keith Haring, the renowned artist from New York, left the imprint in this pisan wall with a work that wants to give out a message of peace and citizen participation.

Tuttomondo is the only mural painting of the artist thought to be a permanent work, unlike his early works he executed quickly with white chalk on the Subway’s commercials. Haring was identified from the beginning with the Street Art, avant-garde art of the 80s that rebelled against the traditional system of exhibition galleries. So was born a way of counterculture related to graffiti and hip hop . His art seeks graphic simplicity that can be understood by everyone at first sight; uses images as graphic symbols.

The large mural was created in 1989, a year before he died, and took a week to be finished. Tuttomondo thereby became the last public work of Keith Haring. Everything came after a casual meeting in New York with a student from Pisa who proposed the idea. Thus the idea of ​​ Tuttomondo was born, a word that sums up the idea that the artist had about interaction with his audience, and in it 30 figures are represented to symbolize peace and harmony in the world . Each figure has a role within its gear, in this way men with dolphin represent man’s relationship with nature, the figures “human scissors” are a symbol of solidarity to defeat the snake symbolizing evil-or the woman with the baby represents motherhood.

Colours are also very important, and that was his election, Haring chose the tones of Pisa’s buildings, to keep harmony with the environment.

Image: Cutiekatie

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