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The oldest brewery in Prague

Based on the statistics, we could say that the country’s national sport is beer consumption and the average 132 liters a year per person confirms it. Considered by many part of their national heritage, the Czech Republic has ideal conditions for growing hops and that is why the tradition dates back hundreds of years, being the oldest brewery in Prague "U Fleků".

Despite having become a place of pilgrimage for tourists (including a gift shop), this huge place has been opened since 1499 and still retains the atmosphere of yesteryear with live music and traditional food to accompany your jar. Find out how to go undetected, there are certain things you should know before ordering beer ... 'Jedno prosim pivo'!

1. Let the waiter keep serving you without saying a word: This applies to both Czechs and tourists. Of course, if you do not want to end up really wasted let them know that you have had enough or just put your coaster over your jug.

2. Their menu is measured in degrees. And this does not mean anything other than the amount malt. Keep in mind that the more degrees ... more alcohol.

3. After touching glasses with everyone you should touch the table and look into the eyes of your companions as you say "na zdravy". If you do not, your sex life will suffer. Or so says tradition.

4. The foam is a must. Do not even complain because for them it is very important and has to be very thick. If it continues intact once you are done the server did a good job.

5. Do not forget to tip. From a 10 to 15% is the usual, but they always thank generous customers.

Image from Zobacz Zasady

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