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The Fine Taste of Minorca Gin

The provenance of Minorcan gin clearly goes back to the time the island formed part of the British Empire, from 1713 to 1802. Indeed, demand by the British and Dutch seamen inundating the taverns was what prompted Minorca’s master craftsmen to embark on geneva or gin production. Thus arose the first distilleries to produce this coveted elixir.

The Doyen

Gin Xoriguer Mahón was probably the first gin to be made in the Mediterranean. Its origins go back some three hundred years when, on account of its strategic position, the port of Mahón became one of the most prized enclaves among the major maritime powers. The earliest recipe for Mahón gin was drawn up in 1750 by Miguel Pons Justo, who founded the legendary Minorcan distillery. Here, the secret formula for what is known as “Gin Xoriguer Mahón” has been preserved until the present. With its authentic bottling tradition, Xoriguer is one of the few distilleries in the world that still uses craft production methods, listed under the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) as “Gin de Mahón”. Its special character resides in the craft methods applied to production, and the wine alcohol and juniper berries selected and left to stand for years that go into the making.

“Cocktails Perquesi” Mahón Gin Cocktail

To delight in its exquisite flavour, who better to guide us than the experts in combining these stimulating drinks? Cocktails Perquesi gifted us the recipe and the method for making a cocktail based on the Minorcan gin par excellence, Gin Xoriguer. The recipe, known as Frozen Pomada, is a variation on a fresher note of the classic gin-and-lemonade pomada.We hope you like it:


6 cl. gin Xoriguer
2.5 cl. liquid sugar
1.5 cl. lemon juice
1.5 cl. lime juice
Crushed ice
5 cl. premium fever tree lemon
Lime twist garnish


Place all the ingredients – except the premium lemon refreshment – in a blender and mix with lots of crushed ice to yield a crushed-ice drink.

Serve in a glass, top up with about 5 cl. premium fever tree lemon and garnish with lime twist. Ready to serve.

Cocktails Perquesi is an ongoing project by mixologist, Mauri Jiménez. It is a cocktail catering service in the classical sense, although not limited to this. His mission is to socialise the world of cocktails and present it to the public in a clear, simple and honest way. The above cocktail is designed to bring a bit of Minorca into the home.

If you liked this cocktail, why not come and enjoy it in its original setting? Minorca awaits you – check out our flights here.

Text by ISABELYLUIS Comunicación and Cocktails Perquesí

Cocktail by Cocktails Perquesí

Images by Marcelo Salomao

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