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Revolution Square

This large square was made famous around the world when television channels broadcast the final moments in power of Rumanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu on 21 December 1989. 
It was here, on the balcony of the old Communist Party Headquarters, that Nicolae Ceausescu looked out in amazement on how the people gathered in the square turned against him and he fled the angry crowd in his white helicopter, only to be captured outside of the city a few hours later.

The importance of the square dates much further back than the dramatic events of the 1989 Revolution. It is a central location where a bit of all the city’s history can be found. On the other side of the square is the oldRoyal Palace, now the headquarters of the National Art Museum, the impressive Romanian Athenaeumand the historic Athenee Palace Hotel. The small and beautiful Kretzulescu Church can be visited at the southern end of the square.

Picture by CristianChirita

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