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Four destinations for a very special Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you fancy getting away to celebrate this year, you should know that there is romanticism beyond Paris and Venice! If you don't believe us, read on and discover the most romantic destinations for Valentine's Day.

  • Oporto

We can't really explain why, but the narrow streets and colourful houses of Oporto create a romantic atmosphere that is second to none in Europe. Don't miss the chance to visit one of the many wineries that you can find next to Douro River, in the town of Vila Nova de Gaia. A guide will take you round the facilities and to round off the tour you can taste authentic Port wine.

  • Granada

When thinking about a romantic break, Granada doesn't instantly come to mind. But believe us when we tell you that this city is perfect for a magical and romantic weekend together. Make the most of your visit to relax your mind and body at the Al-Andalus hammam, situated next to the Alhambra. Although it hasn't been confirmed, it is said that this hammam is built on ancient Arab baths, which makes the experience even more authentic.

  • Marrakech

This exotic city is one of the most enticing destinations in the world. The streets are a real treat for the senses and the sunsets are absolutely magical! You can do something adventurous like going on a quad tour through the desert, and let your imagination run wild as you sleep in a Riad, a typical hotel in Morocco.

  • St. Petersburg

If the cold doesn't bother you, St. Petersburg could be a good place to go on 14 February. The city of the tsars is also the most Europeanised city in Russia, but that doesn't mean it can't be romantic! Its streets, parks and palaces are the perfect setting for your romantic trip. And although it's not possible to go on a boat trip on the canals because they will be frozen, we can't imagine a more beautiful place to be on this day.

Choose a destination and book a flight for two for Valentine's Day!

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