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Diving Menorca. A World of Surprises

With the arrival of summer, many are those who dare to practice scuba diving. Nothing compares to the pleasant feeling of calm that produces snorkeling in crystal waters and between unique species as you discover all the wonders that the seabed hides.

This exciting experience is available to everyone. Making diving a passion and the more you know, the more addicted you become.

If you are already an accomplished expert, in Menorca you will discover a wide variety of possibilities. If you start now, in the diving centers scattered through the island, they will teach you the techniques and procedures for a progressive development, putting at your disposal the best material.

The descent to the wonderful water depths of Menorca is a unique experience. Its warm, clear waters and colorful environments, have nothing to envy to the Caribbean beaches.

In the north of the island of Menorca, in the stretch between Cap Gros and Sa Punta des Morters in the Mola des Fornells, there is the Marine Reserve, a zone located very close to the coast that does not exceed the 30 meters depth. A dramatic landscape with unique marine species, natural caves, galleries and wrecks.

In this Marine Reserve we find special interest areas for underwater diving, such as S'Illa des Porros (or illa de Sanitja), with a coastline without buildings and a seabed with abounding wildlife, such as large groupers, barrucadas, dentones and false pollocks. There are also remains of boats that have succumbed to their waters. Accessible to all levels because of the shallower side doesn’t reach the 8 meters and the deepest reaches 30.

In Cala en Morts there is the so-called Swiss Cheese Cave, which gets its name from the many galleries that form it and that communicate with each other. A nice dive with the penetrating rays of light that create a beautiful set of lights and backlighting.

Es Pont d'en Gil is the name of a natural bridge that hangs on the cliffs in the middle of the sea. It is close to Ciutadella and you can dive in its waters to reach Sa Cigonya, a beautiful cave, about 200 meters, full of stalactites and stalagmites. If you go through you can access a vault with a fine sandy beach.

South of the port of Maon there is a diving paradise. These are the surrounding funds of Illa de l'Aire with their rock arches and abundant wildlife. About 20 meters under the islet of Cagaires we discovered a whole system of natural galleries with walls covered with coral, anemones, and sponges where groupers, moray and eels hide. The waters of the Illa de l'Aire collected the remainings of centuries of navigation disasters. In the sand and rocks there can still be seen some objects as anchors, cannonballs and other pieces of artillery.

If you want to know more about the possibilities that Menorca offers for scuba diving with excursions for all tastes and levels, take a look at this guide.

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