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At White City

It is called White City because it houses a unique collection of Bauhaus style buildings, more than anywhere else in the world, including any German city, the birthplace of the Bauhaus movement.

Facing huge skyscrapers, we find the beaches in the city of Tel Aviv. Miles of white sand, by the mild climate of the city, let us take a bath and practice water sports nearly every day of the year. Tel Aviv does not stop at night: neighborhoods like Rothschild houses the best nightlife options in the city. Tel Aviv is a lively, active city with entertainment, culture and art, festivals and a rich nightlife.

Tel Aviv is history. You should visit such emblematic places as Bialik House, Ben Gurion and Dizengoff, the old cemetery on Trumpeldor Street, and Reuven’s house. Nature lovers will enjoy the garden of Abu Kabir, HaYarkon Park and Botanical Gardens near Tel Aviv University. Families with children can enjoy an amusement park full of action.

If you like learning about other cultures, a must-visit is the Museum of Tel Aviv, which explains the history of the founding of the Jewish people and the city’s development.

Step into the bustling outdoor market in Carmel, close to the bohemian neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, where you can find clothes, toys and accessories for the house as well as the colorful stalls of the market full of fruit, vegetable, fresh meat, fish and cheese . The market begins at the junction from deAllenby King George and gets to the end of Carmelit, where you will find bus terminal.

A few kilometers from Tel Aviv, at Jerusalem, you will discover a city that contains inside the most visited places in Israel, such as the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Via Dolorosa, Yad Vashem and Mount of Olives.

And if you want to eat a good kebab, you can try one of the best very near from Tel Aviv. It is served in Abu Ghosh , and they say it is one of the top 5 kebab restaurants in Middle Eastern, specifically located in the third position. The fact is that the Arab village of Abu Ghosh, on the road between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is known for its hummus restaurants and is very popular with both locals and tourists. Here you have the guarantee that they will serve a memorable meat dish . They mix the beef with onion, parsley, pine nuts and some grease before threading the needle on an iron skewer. It is cooked on a grill and served with rice and salad, with a pinkish hue inside.

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