A 30.000 pies por viajeros para viajeros


Madrid boasts a long list of restaurants that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Here in this post you’ll find some of our favourites.

Some of these restaurants cook versions of the best international street food, and others enhance veggie products in the form of creative tasting menus and dishes that seek to innovate and stimulate your senses. Find a cheap flight to Madrid and try them!


Using eco products, creativity, passion and gastronomic fusion, this restaurant wants to show you the endless possibilities of vegan cuisine. This cosy restaurant has an interesting menu that includes starters, mains and desserts that are like a well-rounded trip around the world for foodies: tacos, lasagne, salads, ceviche, rice, brochettes, poke, ssäm, burgers, and so much more! The best of the veggie world, all in one place.

Level veggie bistro

This restaurant was created to prove that vegetarian and vegan cuisine can also be haute cuisine! You won’t be disappointed. All the dishes, whether vegan or raw food (cooked under 41 degrees Celsius so it retains its nutrients) have been well researched, and are prepared using accurate techniques and the best raw materials. Expect to find combinations of the most surprising ingredients, with flavours and textures blending in together to achieve the perfect balance. There is a tasting menu that is well worth a try. One of the dishes not to be missed is baked mushrooms en papillote with a creamy tarragon sauce and a touch of Pernod aniseed liqueur. It is served with basmati rice, crispy wild rice and toasted pine nuts. Surprising and bursting with flavour.

Distrito vegano

If we go to Lavapiés, we can try 100% vegan cuisine at this restaurant that prepares international favourites, but plant-based. From croquettes to nachos, nuggets, gyozas, burgers and more. And a long list of delicious dishes that even non-vegans will love.


In the heart of Malasaña, this restaurant offers healthy and delicious veggie versions of international dishes. Moussaka, falafel, quiche, veggie burgers, hummus, creamy soups, lasagne... the list is endless! A classic on the vegetarian route in Madrid, were you’ll find a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

Freedom pizza

Although this restaurant only opened a few months ago in the neighbourhood of Chamberí, it has become very popular thanks to its delicious veggie pizzas (as well as other savoury and sweet dishes, of course). The owners are also the brains behind Freedom Cakes, a place that has become very successful since it opened in Malasaña, with its homemade cakes, waffles and veggie burgers. There are 7 different types of pizza, ranging from classic to the most original: margarita, carbonara, spicy pepperoni, tartufi e funghi, blue cheese calzone… But all of them are plant-based. The crispy homemade dough is spectacular and never lasts long on the plate! But that’s not all... Freedom pizza is a dog-friendly restaurant and has outdoor seating.

How do these restaurants sound? Fancy some delicious plant-based grub? Let’s go to Madrid!

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