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6 experiences for an extra special Mother's Day

Taking a short getaway with your partner or friends is all well and good. But travelling with your mum on Mother's Day and enjoying some of the fabulous experiences we offer you today is truly priceless.

  • Haggle in a Marrakech souk

Leather goods, carpets, pottery… you're sure to fly home from Marrakech with your bags full! It is virtually impossible to stroll through the narrow streets of these markets and resist the temptation to buy some great souvenirs. To get the best deals, you and your mother will have to haggle not only with the local traders, but also with the taxi drivers and tourist guides. You may not be used to all this "wheeling and dealing", but for them it's a way of life.

  • Relax at a spa in Budapest

Your mother deserves some quality r&r, so what better than a getaway to the world capital of hot springs: Budapest. The city boasts over one hundred natural and man-made spas, with water temperatures that range from 0 to 75 degrees. Hungary's love affair with hot springs goes back to Roman times, though it wasn't until the arrival of the Turks in the 16th century that most of the spas were built. The best thing of all: the great prices. For just a few euros you can spend a whole day (yes, a whole day) soaking in these therapeutic waters.

  • Pintxos in San Sebastian

Obviously, nothing in the world compares to your mum's gravy, but the fact that the Basque Country is home to thirty Michelin stars means they also know a thing or two about good cooking. But don't worry. To enjoy fine dining, you don't need to go to a top restaurant like Akelarre or Arzak: a walk around the old part of San Sebastian will suffice. Enjoy a peaceful stroll through the narrow streets before stopping off in a bar for a drink or two. Ask the locals which dishes they recommend, or try a "pintxo" (tapa) and a glass of "txakoli" (sparkling white wine).

  • Beer tasting in Brussels

If your mother doesn't like beer, you can jump straight to the next paragraph, because this idea won't interest you. But if she enjoys a glass of lager, bitter or stout, Brussels is the city for you. UNESCO has added Belgian beer culture to its "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" list, and it may surprise you to discover that such a small country boasts over 1,000 beer brands. Beer culture is especially strong in Brussels, and during your stay you can visit breweries and enjoy beer tasting with professionals so that you'll return home as veritable experts.

  • Diving in Tenerife

This is an experience suitable for only the most daring of mums who wish to try diving for the first time. This unique first-time experience involves a two-hour dive at no deeper than 8 metres and supervised by a qualified instructor at all times. While this may seem an extreme sport to you, diving is actually suitable for almost everyone since you do not have to be particularly fit or strong to do it. You just need to know how to swim and have no breathing problems. And what better marine backdrop for your first dive than the warm blue waters of Tenerife?

  • Vienna palaces tour

Your mother will feel like Empress Sissi if you fly her to Austria and take her on a tour around the palaces of Vienna. This city, which reached its cultural and artistic heyday in the 19th century, has lost none of the majesty and splendour that so characterises its magnificent palaces and homes. Explore the splendid palaces of Belvedere or Schönbrunn and stroll through such wonderful gardens as Augarten. It's like stepping back into the time of Mozart and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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