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10 Great Places in Chiado

Lisbon has that special magic of the cities that simply reek of history, that charm of the cities where so many things have happened and that offer so many ways to enjoy them. Lisbon, an intellectual and Bohemian city like few others in Europe, can be found at the mouth of the River Tagus on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The historic centre is built on seven hills, meaning that many of its streets are quite steep and that the three cable cars and one lift are very much appreciated by locals and tourists alike. Yes, the cable cars in Lisbon are truly special and give you the sensation of being in a city where things take their time and where being in a rush is not something the city’s inhabitants are fond of. Prepare yourself for enjoyment, relaxation and a wealth of experiences as you stroll through the delightful districts of this city.

The route we suggest here will take you through the district of Chiado.

Chiado is located between the famous Bairro Alto and La Baixa. Almost everyone who has been to Lisbon before remembers the district of Chiado for the statue of the Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa, sat at a table on the terrace of the Café A Brasileira. However, Chiado has much more to offer: businesses, cafés dating back to the early 20th Century and old shops. Chiado is the part of Lisbon where writers used to meet in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, meaning that it has a certain aura of intellectualism (similar to Saint-Germain-Des-Pres in Paris) well-earned for having witnessed many literary geniuses walk its streets.

Here are ten places for getting to know the very best Chiado has to offer.

1. Young people gather at the Mirador de Santa Catarina for a drink at the feet of Adamastor while they observe the sunset as the day gives way to the Lisbon night life.

2. Starting you night in Chiado at Bicaense is never a bad idea. One of the coolest venues in Portuguese night life, this place has style, lacks pretension and offers a relaxed atmosphere. DJs and drinks to begin the night before heading over to the liveliest part of the Barrio Alto.

3. One interesting aspect of Chiado is Caza Das Vellas Loreto. This candle shop offers little in the way of cool and is nothing special if you are looking for unique places in the Portuguese capital but that is precisely what makes it special. If you happen to be in Chiado, take a look around this candle shop – they come in all shapes and sizes.

4. Cafe A Brasileira is the place you simply must visit in Chiado if you are a fan of poetry, literature and/or Pessoa. It is a legendary café and meeting place for the literary community in Lisbon. There is one table that has a seated statue of Fernando Pessoa. You have to see it.

5. Try a saikirinha (sake mixed with kiwi) on the chill out terrace on the top floor of the Hotel Bairro Alto. This is where all the beautiful people in Lisbon meet. It was recommended to us by one of the most influential bands in Lisbon, Buraka Som Sistema. Absoutely essential if you want to know what the local people get up to in Lisbon at night.

6. Perfect for enjoying a nice steak. Bohemian atmosphere, busy, happy. Treat your stomach and eat at La Brasserie De L’Entrecôte. Your stomach will thank you for it.

7. If your budget won’t stretch to an excellent steak or if you prefer to eat something lighter, theRestaurante-Lounge Storik offers wonderful international cuisine that will give something to remember from your visit to Lisbon.

8. Another interesting place in Chiado in terms of shopping and somewhere that is 100% Portuguese is A Vida Portuguesa. Here you will find a little bit of everything Portuguese: embroidery, pencils, traditional Portuguese products, soaps, icons of saints, etc.

9. The Cafe No Chiado is the perfect spot for a chat or reading the paper. You can also enjoy a bite to eat if that’s what you’re after. An oasis of peace and tranquillity to be enjoyed alone or in good company.

10. At the Teatro Mário Viegas, they perform the best and newest pieces from the world of Portuguese theatre. If you like the theatre, you should go see a show.

These places make you feel like going yourself, right? Check out our flights for a short break in Lisbon here.



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